LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels - New for 2022!

LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels, the latest in customization from Exotic Carbon Fiber. We can modify the steering wheel of almost any make and model car to improve your driving experience. Customizations include adding genuine carbon fiber, your choice of leather grips, custom color stitching and much more. Add our new LED Smart System to get real-time readouts and excitement revving displays. Order direct at Custom LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels and our staff will help you create the perfect wheel.

LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Ferrari 360 LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


LED Functions Include:

  • Factory programming
  • Bluetooth connection to your OBDII Reader
  • Displays RPM, MPH, Temperature, Oil Status, Battery and more
  • Lighting increases as you increase RPMs
  • Customizable light colors

These steering wheels are the absolute cutting edge in driving technology. In addition to the LED readout, Exotic Carbon Fiber offers a host of custom options to personalize your ultimate wheel.

Customizations include:

  • Choice of carbon fiber weave, finish, color and placement
  • Flattening of Steering Wheel Bottom
  • Custom Leather Handgrips in a variety of styles and leathers
  • Stitching Details in any color
  • Optional Wheel Position Lines
  • Center Plate in 3k Plain Weave Carbon
  • Ask about other customization options!  

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LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel