What is Carbon Fiber?

A few decades ago, carbon fiber was considered a space-age material to be used mostly in aerospace applications and was not readily available to the general public. High-performance carbon fiber was first invented in 1958 by Union Carbide Parma Technical in Ohio, then revolutionized in the 1960s and 1970s for use in military applications and some consumer vehicles, including Rolls Royce and Mitsubishi. Today, you can find carbon fiber being used in the manufacture of the finest cars in the world, and growing in popularity among exotic car enthusiasts. Individual fibers that are composed mostly of carbon atoms are bundled together to form a thread or “tow”, and then woven together to form a fabric. This fabric is then impregnated with resin to create a polymer that is lightweight, durable and heat-resistant. The fabric can be molded into almost any shape and used as an alternative to less efficient materials.

Carbon Fiber Automotive Applications

High-Performance carbon fiber can be used to replace or accent any number of elements on your vehicle, but why is that an advantage? The simple answer is strength and weight. Carbon fiber composites are stronger than steel, twice as rigid, and weigh ⅔ less. You can shave hundreds of pounds off of your vehicle by replacing body panels and engine components, resulting in greater speed and better fuel economy. Many famous high-end automotive brands now feature carbon fiber composites prominently, and carbon fiber has gained popularity and respect among performance aficionados. Even cars that don’t come from the factory with carbon fiber are now being upgraded as consumers begin to see the benefits of reducing weight and increasing rigidity and strength. Connoisseurs of fine automobiles have come to recognize the distinct weave-look as a symbol of high performance.

Upgrading Your Vehicle with Exotic Carbon Fiber

Exotic Carbon Fiber offers a large selection of carbon fiber parts and services, from the smallest detail to large body panels and engine components. Our experienced and dedicated staff will help you achieve exactly the look you want to elevate your vehicle to a stylish, high-performance machine. Take a moment to browse our catalog or contact us directly at any time.