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Carbon Fiber Laminating ( Skinning )

Before and After: Mercedes Benz SL500 Door Handle Panel

Before and After: Mercedes Benz SL500 Center Console and Shifter Panel.

Before and After: Mercedes Benz SL500 Steering Wheel.

Before and After: Mercedes Benz SL500 Shifter Knob.

Before and After: Mercedes Benz SL500 Shifter Plate and Trim.

Carbon Fiber Laminating (aka “Skinning”)

At Exotic Carbon Fiber, we offer a wide range of stock parts and accessories, but there is almost no limit to the customizable potential of carbon fiber. While making molds for limited run items can be very costly, applying a high-quality carbon fiber veneer to your vehicle’s existing components can be an economical and efficient alternative.

Our craftsman will prepare your original parts for finishing, then hand-lay the carbon fiber to ensure a consistent weave pattern and apply several layers of UV rated quality resin. The part is then contoured and polished by hand for a factory gloss finish.

Options include a 3k Plain Weave (1 x 1, the OEM match for Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati) and a 3k Twill Weave (2 x 2, the OEM match for McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi and more). We oversee the entire process from design to delivery and all items must meet the finest quality standards prior to shipment.

We also specialize in Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels, available in a variety of styles and options from hand-stitched leather to customizable grips!

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