Carbon Fiber Pens are the perfect accessory for any automotive enthusiast. Firstly, it is made with 100% real carbon fiber. Secondly, it has a refillable ink cartridge. Best of all, it makes an excellent gift and comes in a stylish gift box. Black ink and rollerball nib.

Why carbon fiber? It is a material unlike any other. It is lighter than aluminum, titanium and leather. High performance uses include sports equipment, race cars and aircraft. It is also great for use in personal accessories.

Carbon Fiber Pens are lightweight, durable and the perfect item for pocket or purse. The image is protected in resin, so it will never crack or fade. All of our products are handmade to insure the highest quality.

Exotic Carbon Fiber is based in the USA. We are committed to excellent Customer Service with every purchase.

We offer a wide range of accessories and parts for both domestic and exotic vehicles. Our products will help you show your love for your favorite brand. We also offer custom accessories like license plates, key fobs and pens.