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Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels

Add carbon fiber to the top trim of your steering wheel for a polished and elegant look. Available in your choice of 3k plain or twill weave or a Carbon/Kevlar combination. Finished with a high-gloss resin, the materials are hand laid for a perfect fit.

Looking for dash of color to accent your carbon fiber wheel? Incorporate a top center reference line at the “12 o’clock” mark at no extra charge. Our design specialists will help you find the elements that make the perfect personal statement.

One of our most popular options is the “flat bottom” wheel design- offering an aggressive and sleek feel for performance drivers.

Steering wheel customization can include a variety of grip options, including a “pistol grip” for greater control and racy styling.

Choose hand stitched, smooth leather for a sophisticated look and feel or perforated leather for a breathable, sporty finish.

Attention to Detail: We offer a variety of options for hand-stitched inner seams in a range of complimentary or contrasting colors.

Complete the look with other carbon fiber elements such as dash-control panels or steering column housings. Check our listings for your make and model, or contact one of our design specialists.

Custom carbon fiber steering wheels by Exotic Carbon Fiber will transform your ordinary steering wheel to an elegant and stylish work of art. The steering wheel is your hands-on connection to the heart of your vehicle, and we can help you customize it to make it a true extension of yourself. Our company offers some of the most cost effective conversions on the market, and many of the features we offer come with no added surcharge. Choose from a wide variety of finishes, styles, stitching and grips to create a custom carbon fiber steering wheel that you will love for the life of your car. Contact us directly and our staff will work one on one with you through the production process to ensure all of your requirements are met to create the perfect wheel!