Elevate Your Driving Experience With Our Customized Corvette Automobile Products

We at Exotic Carbon Fiber offer customized Corvette automobile accessories that are made of 100% carbon fiber, which makes them lightweight, durable, along aesthetically pleasing. You can explore in detail our products, which will provide you with a safe as well as comfortable driving experience. Have a look at the products elaborated below.

1. Corvette Wheel Bolts

Corvette Wheel Bolts are used for safety, balance, and laid distribution which are of two types. First, Corvette Titanium Bolts a black Finish that provides appropriate load sharing to the tire hub surface. The design minimizes wheel damage chances and assures accurate setting and load. Another one is Corvette Titanium Wheel Bolts with Polished finishing and function similarly to the first one. At Exotic Carbon Fiber, we provide customization for the Corvette Wheel Bolts with various looks and designs.

2. Corvette Carbon Fiber Key Fob

At Exotic Carbon Fiber, we provide two types of Corvette Carbon Fiber Key Fob, which are Corvette C8 Key Fob and Corvette C7 Key Fob. Plus, both fobs are crafted with pure carbon fiber. The fob is covered with a black and elegant leather strap. The print of the luxurious marque logo of Corvette featured both sides of the fob. Moreover, it’s a manmade accessory with the highest quality of carbon fiber, which makes it durable and lightweight. Hence, it’s designed with resin, so it will neither crack nor lose its color. If required to have one, feel free to call us!

3. Corvette Money Clip

Corvette Money Clip at Exotic Carbon Fiber is firm enough to hold a maximum of 30 standard bills and eight credit cards. They’re highly durable and lightweight, as the lavish Corvette C7 Carbon Fiber Money Clip is made of the purest form of carbon fiber. Besides, we provide customized Corvette money clips with a permanent logo, which enhances its look. You can visit us whenever you need a Corvette Money Clip, as our team is always ready to help you. Plus, you can customize your money clip with the color and designs you want.

4. Corvette Tire Valve Caps

We offer two types of Corvette Carbon Fiber Key Fob which are the Corvette C7 Key Fob and Corvette C8 Key Fob. Both are manufactured using 100% carbon fiber. It is added with a black leather strap which looks classy and sophisticated. The luxurious marque logo of Corvette is printed on both sides of the keyfob. It is a handmade accessory, and we guarantee the highest quality. The image printed on the keyfob will never crack or fade as it is designed with resin.

At Exotic Carbon Fiber, the Chevrolet Tire Valve Caps are manufactured with 100% pure carbon fiber, which is the reason they’re super lightweight and durable. Plus, carbon fiber enhances its look and style with chrome accents. Because these valve caps are lightweight, they’re majorly used for the purpose of high performance in aircraft, sports equipment, and race cars, along with for personal accessories. In addition, these Corvette tire valve caps go through the process of CNC milling, which results in exact threads and perfect amalgam for the external chrome finishing. The outer casing is formed with carbon fiber that makes the caps perfect with a rubber O-ring to fit the air-tight tire valve caps. You may get customized Chevrolet Tire Valve Caps for your car’s wheels from us at Exotic Carbon Fiber.


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