Our Carbon Fiber Repair Service offers cost effective results over a full component replacement. Bumpers, Splitters, Side Skirts and Diffusers are very vulnerable to unforeseen road damage. Given the cost of replacement parts on todays Supercars. A majority of damage from heavy scrapes and cracking, failed clear-coat from heat and the elements can be corrected Please fill out the provided contact form with applicable images for a quote.

Due to the excess heat over time. Those panels that are installed close to the exhaust and high temperature components will cause the resin to fail over time. Earlier and low cost resins will be harshly effected by the heat and take on a “Milky” appearance as shown. Our refinishing services removes all of the damaged resin with a proprietary media abrasive that exposes the raw carbon without damage. We then reapply layers of a high quality, high temp resistance resin and polish to a factory finish. CLICK ON IMAGES TO EXPAND


Ferrari Scuderia Engine Bay Panel Failure from Heat Exposure.

Aston Martin DBS Front Lip Repair