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Custom Carbon Fiber Accessories

Custom Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames by Exotic Carbon Fiber

* Choose from several design options, customized just for you!
* Limited run and single “one off” prints available
* We never charge a design or set-up fee!
* Artwork will never fade or peel.

A Wide Range of Accessories

Custom Carbon Fiber printing is not just for License Plate Frames.
We offer a range of stylish personal accessories, such as Money Clips, Key Fobs and Cigar Holders, all of which can customized with your company logo or design of your choice.

Elevate Your Brand Awareness

Your clients love your business, but they also love their cars! Customers are more likely to display your company name if it’s part of a unique and elegant Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame than they are to keep standard dealership or service plate frames.

Light Weight and High Style

All of our accessories are made from the highest quality Real Carbon Fiber, and we guarantee satisfaction from the beginning of the design process to delivery of the final product.

Custom Carbon Fiber Accessories

Exotic Carbon Fiber has the best reputation in the business when it comes to custom-printed carbon fiber license plate frames and accessories. Our expert design team will help you make the most of your ideas to deliver a one-of-a-kind product that you can proudly use for promotions and customer rewards.

We offer a range of lightweight and elegant personal accessories (such as key fobs, money clips and cigar holders) as well as a selection of styles of license plate frames. Our special process suspends your logo or artwork in several layers of UV-rated resin and is polished by hand to a high-gloss finish. There are no hidden art, molding or set-up fees and we are able offer very low minimum order quantities because we are a direct supplier.

Take a moment to fill out the contact form below and let us start designing the perfect product to elevate your brand.