Upgrade Your Style With These Carbon Fiber Key Fobs

Lamborghini key fob

Upgrade Your Style With These Carbon Fiber Key Fobs

Buying a new car is an exciting adventure for car lovers. They consider all the detailing and features of the car in every aspect for it to be perfect. The Car enthusiasts will look at the materials, features, touch and feel every corner of the car and inspect it carefully. Among the details, we also take an interest when it comes to the key fobs of the car. The car looks smart and attractive, and so do the keys of the car define the classy and sophisticated style of the car and its owner. For example, if you are driving an Audi, you need to maintain that class and style by getting the matching Mercedes Benz, AMG, Mcclaren, Audi key fob, etc. 

Carbon fiber key fobs are the perfect combination of accessories for your stylish  car. Firstly the benefit of these key fobs is that they are made with 100% real carbon fiber. And secondly, it is designed with a black leather strap that adds value to your car with its style and look. Getting a classy key fob along with a brand-new car gets every eye  to it.  

Top Five Key Fobs of Every Style 

The advantages of getting a carbon fiber key fob are that it is light in weight compared to the aluminum, titanium, and chrome key fobs. It is highly preferred to be used as a personal accessory for every car enthusiast, and it is used for high-performance uses for sports equipment, race cars, and aircraft. The carbon fiber key fobs are lightweight, durable for a longer time, and it can easily be carried in a pocket or a handbag. A particular key fob, such as the Mercedes Benz, AMG, Mcclaren, Lamborghini key fob, and many more, are similar to its characteristics with other brands’ key fobs. 

1. Audi Key Fob Case

The key fob case of Audi is designed in a stylish way with a black leather strap printed on both sides. On one side, it has been designed with the marque logo of the brand that defines luxury and class. Whereas on the opposite side, a red text framed font is carved on the leather, standing out with the brand name ‘Audi.’ It is a full carbon Audi key fob with premium quality. The design engraved on the piece is permanent, and we guarantee that it will not decay or overlay. It will never fade or crack, removing the tag or sign of the brand. 

2. Bentley Key Fob  

Carbon fiber adds a contemporary sporting feel in a key fob that is interwoven within the black leather with 100% carbon used in it. Bentley stands for the world’s most sought luxury brand, which is unique in its style and features. It is similar to a car’s peculiar feature among all the luxury car brands. The Bentley key fob also has its own uniqueness that can be the best choice for all Bentley lovers. We have a key fob designed on the leather strap printed on both sides with a white logo and text engraved on it that defines the brand name. With high-quality manufacturing, we guarantee durability as well. 

3. Lamborghini Key Fob 

The automobile Lamborghini leather key fob is a high-quality, elegant accessory that is a must for all Lambo lovers. We have a product known as ‘Lamborghini Crest Shield’ that is the exclusive design perfect for any enthusiast’s collections. The Lamborghini key fob is designed with a shield in a golden engraving that defines the brand logo and the name. The use of 100% carbon fiber is done while designing this key fob. There is a guarantee for the durability of the product. 

4. Mustang Key Fob 

The Mustang key fob is packed in our special stylish gift box. It is designed with a classy black leather strap that measures high quality. It is a carbon fiber used accessory which contains 100% of carbon. It is engraved with the full-colored logo of the brand on one side, and on the other, it is designed with the brand name. Mustang, which gives an extravagant vibe in terms of the car, so does this key fob; it will showcase your choice and taste. 

5. Tesla Key Fob 

The Tesla key fob is designed to protect your keys against scratches, wear and tear. We have a collection of the best key fobs that cover a layer of protection to your key, adding a touch of class and luxury to your car. It is designed on a black leather strap, which is printed with the silver logo and text of the brand. It is a 100% carbon fiber used product that prevents the key fob from damaging and decaying. 

Get Your Choice Of Key Fob Similar To Your Car’s Brand!

Exotic Carbon Fiber offers a wide range of car accessories and parts both for exotic and domestic vehicles. We offer you the best customer service with every purchase. We have different types of carbon fiber material for your automobile, from steering wheels to key fobs and other things. We offer the best deal on carbon fiber key fobs; whether it is an Audi key fob or the other brand, we have different brands of key fobs that will add value to your car and keys. To know more about us, visit our website to get your best purchase for your car with us!

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