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Ferrari 360 LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


Fits Ferrari 360 Modena, Spider and Challenge 1999-2005.

This original Ferrari steering wheel has been modified by Exotic Carbon Fiber with our new LED Smart Readout.

LED Functions Include:

  • Factory programming
  • Bluetooth connection to your OBDII Reader
  • Displays RPM, MPH, Temperature, Oil Status, Battery and more
  • Lighting increases as you increase RPMs
  • Customizable light colors

Complete your custom steering wheel with genuine carbon and leather accents for the ultimate driving experience. Original factory fitment that requires no modifications.

Core Return Pricing: We are offering this steering wheel at the price of $1499.99 if you return your original wheel to us. Please contact a member of our staff for other pricing options.



Ferrari 360 LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel in top quality Carbon Fiber.  Created as a replacement part that installs in minutes, so it requires no modifications. Produced in the exact matching factory 1×1 (3k Plain Weave) Carbon Fiber material.

Why carbon fiber? It is a material unlike any other. It is lighter than aluminum, titanium and steel. High performance uses include sports equipment, race cars and aircraft.

Elevate the status of your vehicle. Use carbon fiber accents both inside and out for a unique statement and improved performance. Ferrari 360 LED Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is the perfect finishing touch.

This item is designed to install in the factory location, so there is no need for modification. Listed price includes core return. Please contact us for pricing if you wish to keep your original steering wheel- price varies by model. We produce all of our items in the matching factory patterns.

Customizations include:

  • Choice of carbon fiber weave, finish, color and placement
  • Flattening of Steering Wheel Bottom
  • Custom Leather Handgrips in a variety of styles and leathers
  • Stitching Details in any color
  • Optional Wheel Position Lines
  • Center Plate in 3k Plain Weave Carbon
  • Ask about other customization options!

You can order all parts in various patterns of 1×1 (3k plain weave), 2×2 (3k twill weave). We offer 6k and 12K carbon fiber as well as the choice of matte or gloss finishes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.  

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Weight 8 lbs