What Are The Functions Of Tire Valve Caps?

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What Are The Functions Of Tire Valve Caps?

The tire valve caps are a critical component of the tire in your vehicle because it determines the tire pressure. Every vehicle has a Schrader valve which helps the tires to be inflated. The tire valve cap acts as a cover for the Schrader valve. It is only called completely leak proofed by inputting the valve cap into the valve. There are certain situations that can be created if your tire cap is not on the Schrader valve; it is exposed to road elements such as road dirt, sewage water, or salt water. It can damage the tire valve and make air leak out from the tire.

A tire valve cap is a piece of metal or plastic that is added to the valve stem of your vehicle. The cap is small in size and is fitted with a valve to protect it against dirt, water, or external factors like grease, etc. The tire valve caps provide an airtight seal by preventing air from leaking inside the tire. The tire valve is part of your vehicle with a threaded valve stem core to keep airtight in your tires.  

Most of the valve caps are customized with a rubber seal or washer to prevent the cap from becoming loose or avoiding the situation of falling off because of car vibrations. It basically functions as a cushion between the valve stem and the cap. At the same time, modern caps have soft plastic, which is specialized for protection and does not come with a seal. For example, a missing Mercedes tire valve cap can expose premium quality tires to debris and dirt, which could contaminate the sealing surfaces. It further causes leakage in the tire, and the air is loosened from the valve stem. Furthermore, the missing caps will make it difficult for your Mercedes to inflate the tire. 

How Tight, The Tire Valve Caps Should Be? 

The valve caps should not be screwed too tightly or too loose into the tire stem. Screwing them inside the valve too tightly has a chance of damaging the valve stem drastically. While if you are screwing it with loose cups, there is a risk of losing them. The tire caps should be screwed up in such a way that you can easily remove them and tighten them up with a finger-tight technique. When replacing a cap, always place it on the valve and make a half-turn on a counterclockwise side to get the cap inserted with the valve stem thread. Then, turn the cap clockwise; it will get tighter with the threads. 

Can You Still Drive With A Missing Cap? 

You should note that the missing tire cap will deflate your tire over time due to pressure. Avoid driving for long hours if you have a missing cap, as it may cause damage to your tire. The primary function of the cap is to keep moisture and dirt out of the tire. It is responsible for the air not leaking out, leaving the tire. Therefore, it is highly recommended to replace your tire cap to prevent it from further damage. 

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